Daves Computer and Printer Repair Service Arcata, Eureka, McKinleyville, Trinidad

Dave's Computer Services

Call us at (707) 955-5124

or (831) 458-1131.

Located in North Humboldt County, CA.

Servicing your Macintosh, Windows, and Linux Computers as well as printers,

in your home or office.

35 Years Experience.

(previously in Santa Cruz, CA - making periodic trips to Santa Cruz too!)

40 Years Experience including:

Macintosh Repair

Windows PC Repair

Linux PC Repair

Printer Repair

Laptop Repair

Desktop Repair

Network Installation and Troubleshooting

Router, Switch Configuration, DNS setup and Port Forwarding

Software Repair and Reinstall

Real Estate Programs

Law Programs

Tax Programs


Obsolete: CPM, MS DOS, Apple II, Kapro, Osborn, Tandy Color, SS50, S100, and more.