(Epson America)   ECCC:

As an ECCC we do factory authorized service for Epson printers, pro-graphics printers and scanners. 

Macintosh Experience:

We also have 30 years experience working on Macintosh Computers. In addition to  convert or migrate data from Windows we can also do so from both very early Macintosh systems as well as Apple II systems and some other platforms.

Warranty Policy:

Dave's generally provides a 90 day warranty on all repairs except for virus cleanings which have only a 30 day warranty. Products that have failed from normal usage within this warranty period will be re-repaired at no charge. In rare cases you will be issued a refund instead. Product must be provided to dave to be eligible for warranty repair or refund.

Accessories may be returned complete, in good condition, accompanied by the original packaging and receipt for a period of 30 days. A 15% restocking fee applies, or 30% restocking with out packaging. A receipt is required for all returns. Accidentally  damaged items can not be returned.

Parts may be returned at our discretion for a period of 30 days. A 15% restocking applies. Again a receipt is required all returns.

Parts that have failed under normal usage, within the warranty period up to 90 days, will be replaced or fully refunded.  Accidentally damaged parts or accessories can not be returned or refunded.

Some accessories and parts carry a longer manufacturers warranty (more than 90 days). If this applies we will assist with replacement through the manufacturer for the full warranty period. However Daves only provides a 90 day warranty on accessories and parts; and will not offer a replacement or refund after 90 days. If the manufacturer or distributor will not cover an item for its proper warranty period, we will not assume that responsibility, again except for the first 90 days after purchase. Again accidentally damaged parts or accessories can not be returned or refunded.