Data Recovery

$40 for a basic transfer onto one disk.

$100 base charge for a transfer from one computer to another.

$40 for data recovery evaluation (included with successful recovery)

$100 Basic Data Recovery.

$120-$500 Long difficult and arduous recoveries, beyond this you will need a data recovery specialist. (see below)

Additional charges for large amounts of data or converting specialized data may apply

Additional charges apply for storage if we are required to keep the data over 30 days.

We can do a lot of data transfer, migration, and recovery. We do not have a clean room or a large stock of controller parts so this limits the level of "data recovery" we can do. However we can still recover data most of the time. I have been successful where others have failed.

If the drive grinds or make excessive noise the chance of our getting data is low but not impossible.

If your data is worth thousands of dollars to you, or recovering the data is particularly time sensitive,  it would be better to go directly to a data recovery professional like link-Drivesavers-link, Drivesavers will provide a discount with reference number DS10108. Call them for a quote at 800-440-1904.

Our evaluation is cheap and we may be able to help. At $100 base for a data recovery this is a great deal.